Camping to Create Caring Communities


4C Camp for Adults is where grownups get together to savor the great outdoors and experience the theme of the 4Cs: Camping to Create Caring Communities.

August 8th – August 11th, 2024

Camping with purpose

About 4C Camp

for Adults

4C Camp for Adults is where grownups get together with friends (and friends they haven’t met yet) to savor the great outdoors, attend workshops of their own choosing, enjoy music and games, bask in the glow of the evening campfires, splash in the pool, walk the labyrinth, dine on delicious food, and experience the theme of the “4Cs”—Camping to Create Caring Communities.

Camping to Create Caring Communities—the “4C”s—is an important part of this award-winning program, second only, perhaps, to having fun. As social beings, adults gain great satisfaction from working together for a common purpose. But Community doesn’t happen by accident; it takes effort. Society has to provide for this need and 4C Camp for Adults’ unique concept is a contribution to that goal.

Let’s make some fun!

4C Camp Workshops & Classes

Below are some of the exciting workshops & classes offered during previous 4C Camp weekends. Click the button to see the full list of this year’s workshops.


Students learned how to join metal with a MIG welder and cut metal with a plasma torch.


Students learned proper bow handling and marksmanship, with an emphasis on fun!

Arts & Crafts

Students were guided in ideas for decorating gourds with paint, stain, or wood burning tools.


Students created various woodworking projects while learning woodshop safety and general rules of thumb.



Campers live in rustic cabins with other campers. Special living accommodations are available based on need. Space is available for RVs & tents.

Swimming Pool

Remember to bring your bathing suit or swim trunks!

Bath House

Breathe a sigh of relief—we have hot showers & flush toilets.

Dining Hall

Delicious meals prepared on site. Remember to bring snacks to share.

Share Your Experience

Happy Campers

Hoping to Attend Again

I made a beautiful bracelet, painted a gourd for my husband and made a woodworking project!

The last night, we danced the night away like teenagers and the nightly campfires were special.

Arlene K.

First Time Camper

It’s Our Vacation Every Year

We unwind, connect with friends, participate in as many workshops as we possibly can, enjoy the delicious food, and dance and enjoy music in the evenings.

You will not be sorry and you will leave refreshed and happy.

Teddy B.

Returning Camper


Mailing Address

4C Camp for Adults
PO Box 411
Delhi, NY 13753