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About 4C Camp

4C-Camp for Adults is where grownups get together with friends (and friends they haven’t met yet) to savor the great outdoors, attend workshops of their own choosing, enjoy music and games, bask in the glow of the evening campfires, splash in the pool, walk the labyrinth, dine on delicious food, and experience the theme of the “4Cs”—Camping to Create Caring Communities.

Camping to Create Caring Communities—the “4C”s—is an important part of this award-winning program, second only, perhaps, to having fun. As social beings, adults gain great satisfaction from working together for a common purpose. But Community doesn’t happen by accident; it takes effort. Society has to provide for this need and 4C Camp for Adults’ unique concept is a contribution to that goal.

4C-Camp for Adults is held at beautiful Camp Shankitunk, 2420 Arborhill Road in Delhi NY 13753. Camp is open to campers 18 years of age and older for overnight camping. 4C Camp for Adults is reasonably priced (includes food and lodging), and can accommodate persons with physical disabilities.

To have your name placed on the mailing list for next season, send your email address to 4ccampforadults@gmail.com.

If you have a tent or self-contained camper, give some thought to using it to attend 4C Camp for Adults. If you have enough room, you might even bring a friend. But whether you share accommodations with a friend or not, do tell everyone you know about 4C Camp for Adults. If you have camped previously, it’s safe to assume that your friends would love to hear about the fun times you have had at 4C Camp for Adults.

What do campers say about 4C Camp for Adults? This video  was filmed by the Guardian Society of Albany. Their focus is on seniors so the video features seniors, but everyone older than 18 is welcome at 4C Camp for Adults.


Mailing Address

4C Camp for Adults
PO Box 411
Delhi, NY 13753